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" I noticed a small pain in my right hip area after jogging one day. Over a week, the pain became worse and I went to visit Dr. Sun. He performed a full exam and ordered an ultrasound. I was impressed by his thoroughness and the amount of attention he paid even during my initial visit, and was even more impressed when I returned: Although my ultrasound had shown nothing, Dr. Sun had looked into any possible problems on his own time. He ordered a subsequent X-ray, which also showed nothing, but he continued to work and assist me in dealing with the increasing pain and the fact that the problem was undiagnosed. When an MRI he ordered finally revealed that I had a condition requiring a total hip replacement, the Lakefront staff was all together exceptional in their assistance in helping me at this point.

Dr. Sun and his staff called hospitals around Toronto and kept me updated on any information they received. My conditioned worsened, but it was thanks to the advice and information Dr. Sun and the Lakefront clinic provided me on a subsequent visit to the ER that allowed me a faster consult with a surgical resident.

During the days leading up to my surgery, the Lakefront staff and Dr. Sun continued to assist and prepare me for my hip replacement, and the subsequent surgery was performed without any complications. Afterwards, Dr. Sun continued to monitor my recovery, and was integral to my rehabilitation and my rapid progress from using crutches, to a cane, and then to full mobility.

One of the most stand-out aspects of the clinic is the compassion and empathy of the staff, coupled with honesty pragmatism and their willingness to go the extra mile for their patients.

The Lakefront clinic's staff performed well above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me. I have since the operation moved, but I still travel to the Lakefront clinic for its services, and will continue to do so. I sincerely consider myself incredibly lucky to have been treated by Dr. Sun and his staff above any other walk-in clinic, or any other doctor."

Adi Ashburner



" Dear Mr. Vu Duong, Doctors, Specialists, RN’s & Staff,  

We wish to wholeheartedly welcome you and your Staff to Toronto’s Harbourfront and wish you to know that we consider Lakefront{Medical}Clinics to be a very significant and beneficial contribution to our cherished neighbourhood.  

With my now significant bank of diversified experience with Lakefront Clinics’ medical care, I am now at complete ease and comfort with the high level of the various medical professionals you have on staff, the state-of-art medical assets and subsequent procedural efficiencies being offered and I can concur that my praise also appleis for all referrals to medical specialists that I have had the benefit of to date through your clinic.

Given my middle age status and in light of my athletic background I consider myself to closely represent both the older as well as the younger more physically active demographic categories that we typically find on the Harbourfront. In light of my having accessed your clinic for ongoing health maintenance as well as troubleshooting my more recent challenges and for the treatments I received in regards to my long list of past injuries, I can mow confirm Lakefront Clinics to have earned my complete confidence.  

I thereby welcome you and extend my praise and thanks for your program of reaching out to those neighbours amongst us that may not otherwise know of or have immediate easy access to the high level of care, medical services and expertise that is now available right in our own front yard. "



Markus Parillo, Director of Operations
Equis Capital Finance


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